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Ham Ji Park- best pork ribs and pork bone soup!

ilieng    -    Monday, 14 March 2011
Come to Ham Ji Park if you are in Korea Town, LA and craving for pork ribs. This place has the best pork ribs and pork bone soup (gamja tang)! The service here is quick. The pork ribs are so tender, sweet, flavorful, and finger licking good! These ribs are so addicting that you can’t just have 1. We would order 2 orders of the pork rib for 4 people. It’s that good! The pork bone soup is a little spicy with potatoes and pork bone. The pork meat was so tender it fell right off the bone. The best part is that you can ask for a refill on the broth!

Before going to the restaurant buy a coupon at to get $25 off your bill!

Pork ribs -$17.99
Gamja Tang- $16.99

3407 W 6th St
Ste 101-C
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 365-8773

United States - Korea Town/ Los Angeles - Food and Bars


Monday, 14 March 2011 15:07:54 - miss.ev
Do you love ribs?! (And I truly mean LOVE). Well, I got news for you rib lovers out there. Ham Ji Park definitely serves the best ribs I have ever had, which says a lot since I personally do not prefer ribs. I can not even begin to describe how tasty & delicious they are, and I won't. Just take my word for it and try it. You will leave that place satisfied and wanting more. And now, the most important question is.. "How much?!" The ribs are priced at $17.99, but if you pick up a $25 gift certificate on for just $2.00, it's as if they're paying you to eat their RIBS!!! =D
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